Rent a Trampoline
« Put a spring into your party! »
Trampoline rental
Trampoline rental

You might not think of it, but hiring a trampoline is absolutely possible, and it will give your party an exciting new appeal !

That is why we regularly supply trampolines for the following occasions, when there are lots of children to keep busy and playing :

  • Weddings,
  • Family gatherings,
  • School parties,
  • Local festivals,
  • Birthdays,
  • Annual events, etc.
How to rent a trampoline :
  • Send in your order to hire a trampoline,
  • We organize transport and delivery,
  • We organize the return transport,
  • You take care of unpacking, assembly, disassembly and repacking.

Renting Fees :
These prices include the trampoline and the safety net hire. They do not include delivery and return transport. We hire out the entire pack (trampoline + net) for safety reasons. You will have fewer worries, particularly in the case of day-long use, when children devote themselves entirely and enthusiastically to the activity.

Trampoline rental
NB : it may be worthwhile comparing « all inclusive » costs to hire a trampoline (rental + delivery/transport) versus the purchase price, because set up time and delivery and return transport costs may prove to be rather expensive depending on your location.

For more technical information about the trampoline models, click here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about renting a trampoline.