Made to measure trampolines and nets for boats
Sport catamaran trampoline nets

Over the past 40 years, France trampoline has built up an industrial know how in the manufacturing of sports and leisure trampoline surfaces, which has naturally allowed us to turn towards the production of catamaran and trimaran trampolines and to develop solid and widely-known skills in this area.

Working with experienced skippers and with the suppliers of new technical solutions, we are today in a position to offer you both nets and trampolines that match your boat and fulfill your needs.

Catamaran trampolines

The net or trampoline surface adapted to your boat :

Finding the right net or the right trampoline surface is the result of searching for the material with the best characterisics, combined with a required set of specifications.

The main criteria requested by our clients vary :

  • Opening rate or permeability,
  • Resistance,
  • Weather resistance in a marine environment,
  • Comfort,
  • Design,
  • Price.
Catamaran connecting net

Take your time to look through this website and to discover our products, materials, their technical data, adherence methods, etc.

The more you are aware of the different possibilities (we are also available to advise you in your selections), the better we will understand your project and match our products with your needs.

You need us to complete this project, but we need you too to understand your boat better; between the layout of the project and your boat a lot of time can go by and could lead either to a modification of your boat or a change to the plans design…


For any made to measure rope net or technical fabric for a cruising multihull, please contact us by email or by telephone, in order to do a quotation. To order a standard size sports catamaran trampoline, please click here.

What type of boat trampoline should you choose ?

Catamaran nets
Multihull trampoline nets

Rope net or technical fabric ?

Finding the right material for the trampoline or the linking net for your boat can be rather difficult and technical because the choice depends on several parameters determined by your set of specifications :

  • The opening rate or permeability.
  • Resistance.
  • Weather resistance in a marine environment.
  • Comfort.
  • Design.
  • Price.

In nautical terms, there is no absolute truth, as each sailor forms his or her own opinion thanks to personal past experiences and through past navigations, one can only summarise the advantages and disadvantages of rope nets and technical fabrics.


Material specifications

Research conducted with various suppliers as well as exchanges and trial returns that we have had with private skippers and professionals have led us to offer two lines of technical fabrics and rope nets. These offers are not exhaustive and are in constant evolution as new materials are developed.